Levrack Storage & Workbench



Barron's Levrack Storage & Workbench combines the 8’ Levrack storage racking system and storage shelves with a solid steel workbench. This industrial storage cabinet combined with shelving systems and wire decking allows for a wide range of applications. The warehouse rack is equipped with solid steel shelves for mobile shelving sections, 8 ft support beams for workstation and overhead storage, as well as shop lights. Ultimately, the Levrack Storage & Workbench is one of the top industrial storage options on the market today and will complete any work space.



  1. (3) Pallet Rack Uprights
    2. (2) 8’ Levrack beams with track
    3. (4) 8’ Support beams for workstation and overhead storage
    4. (2) 15” D & (2) 18” D mobile shelving sections
    5. (4) solid steel shelves per mobile shelving section
    6. (2) LED Shop Lights
    7. (4) Wire mesh decks for overhead storage
    8. (2) solid steel workstation tops


Features and Benefits

Efficiency is never stagnant and Barron’s Levrack Storage & Workbench is the next evolutionary step in maximizing storage and workspace density. Featuring the Racking system’s hanging shelves, teardrop pallet racks and overhead storage the Levrack adds a solid steel workbench that can be wall mounted for maximum productivity. Combining the shelves units and workbench not only produces efficient storage, but also allows for a better workflow.



Barron’s Levrack Storage & Workbench is extremely versatile and able to meet the needs of many different environments, not just industrial. Whether you are a hunter in need of storing hunting equipment and clothing, an artisan in need of space to put tools and crafts, a camping enthusiast in need of shelving for tents and essentials, or an average joe looking for garage storage shelves, this product is well equipped to meet your needs.

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