LZR MICROSCAN T HEADER door safety system

Automatic Door Safety Sensor

BEA LZR®-Microscan is a Laser based sensor system for automatic swing doors eliminates the limitations of infrared-based sensors.

BEA LZR Microscan Laser Based Sensor 

This Laser Based Sensor is a stand-alone, door-mounted, swing door safety system. The BEA’s LZR®-MICROSCAN T is a LASER-based sensor system designed for automatic swing doors.


Utilizing Time-of-Flight technology, the LZR-MICROSCAN T eliminates the limitations of infrared-based devices. This automatic door sensor's background independence eliminates nuisance detections caused by changing weather and floor conditions, while gyroscopes sense the movement of the door for accurate positioning.


The LZR-MICROSCAN T provides adjustable pattern depths that exceed the ANSI 156.10 standard and offer 100 percent coverage in all door states (fully open, fully closed, opening and closing).


Some of the features of this automatic door safety sensor are that it's easy to install with its plug & play technology that utilizes a centralized hub and intuitive LCD interface, greatly reducing installation and setup time. The BEA LZR Microscan Safety Sensor also has highly accurate detection with high resolution, self-adapting detection zones, coupled with reduced uncovered zones, creating the most accurate and reliable safety sensor. These sensors are standards compliant being fully monitored internally and capable of external monitoring and this sensor system is UL 10B/C Listed (fire rated) for up to 3 hours.

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