MECO OMAHA 200 Series Hand Trucks

The 200 Series Hand Trucks from MECO OMAHA provide the most popular hand
truck styles and options. Choose a one or two pin, flow back, loop or standard
two handle model and a height that matches the truck to the job. Many of MECO
OMAHA's standard features are high priced options with other manufacturers.
200 Series Hand Trucks employ a durable 1" diameter double welded steel frame to
withstand a variety of operating conditions and ensure years of service. A full height
vertical brace adds strength and rigidity, three cross straps contain virtually any
load. The large 7 ga. x 8" x 14" steel toe plate is beveled for easy loading; rounded
corners prevent serious damage to product, equipment and personnel. Steel wheel
guards protect the load and permit free wheel rotation.
Standard Hand Trucks are available 46" high for normal operation or 50" high for
high-stacking capabilities. Choice of 10" semi-pneumatic or 10" full pneumatic ball
bearing wheels; orange enamel finish.

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