Industrial Noise Screen

Modular Acoustic Screens


Our modular acoustic screens are versatile, flexible noise control barriers that isolate noise from nearby workers, protecting them from hearing damage. It's the most versatile industrial noise control product on the market.

Looking for a proven, off-the-shelf solution for your industrial noise problems? These Modular Acoustic Screens lets you assemble building-block type noise enclosures, that can be modified or added to in the future as your production methods grow and change.

Composite QFM/Loaded Vinyl Sound Stopper partitions are suspended from a tubular frame. Screens can be connected using the Velcro strips on the edges, and the Add-A-Panel clips.

Screens are 8' 4" high by 4' wide.

5 Loaded Vinyl Panels Only

Quick Overview

  • Crafted With Quality SOUND STOPPER Brand Materials
  • 6-12 dB Reduction
  • Single Sided - 26 lbs - 1" thick QFM
  • Double Sided - 38 lbs - 2" thick QFM

Product Description

Single Sided Panels isolate noise sources from nearby workers, or completely enclose noisy machinery and equipment. Constructed of reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, and 1" thick Quilted Fiberglass.

Double Sided Panels separate noisy work stations from each other. Constructed of reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl Barrier, that is sandwiched between 1" thick Quilted Fiberglass (on both sides).

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