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Modular Cleanroom Walls

Choose Quality Materials Customized to Your Needs

Modular cleanroom walls offer a variety of materials and framing options to ensure that the cleanroom will meet your application needs, including:

  • High pressure laminates
  • Smooth aluminum
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Painted steel
  • PVC

cleanroom walls exampleThese materials are non-shedding, meaning they won’t release particles into your cleanroom and contaminate sensitive equipment and tests.

Get the Most Out of Your Cleanroom Design

In addition, all cleanroom wall systems are custom designed to address your unique layout requirements. This way, utilization of your space can be optimized and systems can be easily reconfigured should your needs change. They can also be seamlessly integrated with one of our mezzanines if necessary to support the installation of large air handlers or other heavy mechanical equipment on top of the roof of the structure.

Take Control of Temperature & Humidity

Take control of the temperature and humidity of your cleanroom by choosing the insulation value of your cleanroom wall system. The higher the insulation, the greater level of control you will have:

  • 1 ¾ inch – Clear anodized aluminum post and framing offers economy and maximum floor space utilization
  • 3 inch – Our most versatile and popular option. Available in white painted or clear anodized finish.
  • 6 inch – Tongue and groove or 4-piece post design for application that require high R values or extra tall ceilings

There are many choices to make when deciding what cleanroom wall system is best for your project. If you’re having trouble deciding, our professional team will work with your team and help you decide which of our many systems and design options will work best for you.

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