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Install Modular Tall Walls for Protection and Efficiency

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We create solutions for buildings of all sizes. Our modular tall walls are perfect for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or other buildings with high ceilings and open spaces. If you require humidity control, sound-proofing, or sealed spaces, let our engineers know. At Porta-King, we design modular wall partitions that meet your business needs at an affordable price.

With easy installation and custom design, Porta-King leads the way in flexible prefabricated construction. All Porta-King wall partition components are built at our factory and shipped to your location. Our qualified representatives provide installation and on-site support and expertise.

Expect Quality with Features Custom-Designed for Your Facility

  • Design Options: Choose from EPS or Polyurethane insulating core with panel thickness ranging from 2-8 inches. Wall systems that can clear span up to 40 feet.
  • Construction Options: Multiple wall systems including non-progressive designs that enable removal or replacement of a single wall panel without affecting adjacent panels.
  • Sealed Spaces: Our products create a barrier to protect areas from contamination or to provide temperature, humidity, or sound transmission control.
  • System Flexibility: Custom features can be easily incorporated into all tall wall designs. This includes steel framed openings to support manual and automatic overhead doors, custom windows and more.

Choose Porta-King for the Experience, Production Capacity, and Onsite Support You Need.

  • Highly experienced team of in-house designers
  • 160 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Regional offices throughout the United States
  • Third party engineer certification available for all 50 states
  • Onsite installation, service, and support through our nationwide network of representatives
  • Unlimited design capabilities and more tall wall systems to address different application requirements

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