MDR Poly O-Belt Conveyor

Motorized Roller Conveyors – Model MDR Poly O-Belt

Motorized Roller Conveyors Steel-framed conveyor in dark gray with yellow accents. Precision-driven for seamless operation.

Powered roller conveyors utilize a 24 volt DC motor drive within a roller.  Adjacent rollers are slave-driven from it using poly-o-belts allowing for a very low profile conveyor system.

Model MDR Poly O-Belt Motor Driven Roller Conveyor Specifications:

Bearings: Grease Sealed

Capacity: #250

Drive: Itoh Denki 24 Volt DC Motor Driven Roller

Frame: Formed 10 Gauge

Paint: One Coat Industrial Enamel

Rollers: 1.9" dia. X 16 ga. with 7/16" Hex Shaft

Speed: Specify

Supports: "H" Type Adjustable

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