Biofit MVMT Line Pro Chair

BioFit MVMT Pro Series


Winner of the Best of NeoCon Innovation Award, MVMT critical performance seating is changing the dynamic of the seated worker experience in today’s workplace. Use the chair builder to build your own MVMT chair


  • Intuitive functionality including weight-activated control and synchronous seat and backrest.
  • Engineered for task-specific range of motion and 24/7/365 use
  • Exclusive QR code product tag delivers individual webpage for every MVMT unit manufactured.
  • Easy wipe down to ISO Class 3 clean room models available
  • Aesthetic complements interior design trends, positively impacting corporate image


  • Tall Backrest, Medium Seat Height, Polished cast Aluminium Base
  • Tall Backrest, Low Seat Height, Glass-Reinforced Composite Base
  • Medium Backrest, High Seat Height, Polished Case Aluminum Base
  • Medium Backrest, Medium Seat Height, Polished Cast Aluminum Base
  • Medium Backrest, Low Seat Height, Glass-reinforced Composite Base

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