Niagra CI With School Logo

Niagra Custom Inlay


Attractive logo mat provides superb absorption and wearability in heavy traffic situations.

  • The beveled edge traps dirt and moisture
  • Great indoors, outdoors and in vestibules
  • Contains 20% recycled content
  • No set up or art charges
  • 18 colors available for logos
  • Holds up to 1 ½ gallons of water per square yard
  • Raised rubber squares under carpet prevent crushing
  • Underside grippers keep the mat in place
  • Molded rubber backing resists curling and cracking in any environment
  • Standard rubber ramped edge or optional fabric covered border


  • Polypropylene needlepunch fiber surface with a reinforced nitrile rubber gripper backing.
Niagra CI Table635L23NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 2'X3' (24"X35")24.00000.375035.00005.0000
Niagra CI Table635L34NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 3'X4' (35"X47")35.00000.375047.00009.0000
Niagra CI Table635L35NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 3'X5' (35"X59")35.00000.375059.000012.0000
Niagra CI Table635L310NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 3'X10' (35"X119")35.00000.3750119.000021.0000
Niagra CI Table635L46NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 4'X6' (45"X69")45.00000.375069.000018.0000
Niagra CI Table635L48NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 4'X8' (45"X95")45.00000.375095.000023.0000
Niagra CI Table635L410NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 4'X10' (45"X119")45.00000.3750119.000029.0000
Niagra CI Table635L68NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 6'X8' (68"X95")68.00000.375095.000035.0000
Niagra CI Table635L612NIAGRA CUSTOM INLAY 6'X12' (68"X143")68.00000.3750143.000052.0000

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