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Defender Gate™ 20 Nova Technologies

The Defender Gate™ 20 has the same compact footprint as the DG10, but this model has a heavy-duty double panel design for added safety.

What Makes Defender Gate Unique?

Barron Equipment is pleased to announce that we are now offering the Nova Technology Defender Gate™ product line, formerly from US Netting. We are very excited about this addition to our safety barrier products and believe the Defender Gate™ will further our goal to help you provide your customers with the industry’s top-rated products for loading dock safety and efficiency solutions. The defender gate 10 safety barrier is designed to prevent forklift falls and the entire product line has been tested to stop a 13,500-pound forklift traveling at 6.5mph! Our Defender Gate™ product line will include several options for various applications.

Stops a 13,500 lb. forklift traveling 6.5 mph!

Features and Benefits

  • Proudly USA Made
  • Powder coated yellow at 42″ in height
  • Locking gate mechanism for Safety
  • Superior Personnel Protection
  • Zero Maintenance Required
  • Effortless closing/opening

NOVA offers a Safety Guard attachment for the DG20 that adds a barrier above, between and below the rails of the gate.  The Safety Guard attachments reach 72″ high and extend to 6″ above the floor for overhead and crawl-through protection.  The DG20 with Safety Guard protects elevated equipment, restricts access to dangerous areas and stops personnel or materials from falling off ledges.

The Defender Gate™ 20 has the same compact footprint as the DG10, but this model has a heavy-duty double panel design for added safety.  The upper rail stands 42″ tall and the lower bottom run meets the OSHA 21″ mid-rail requirement.  The DG20 meets and exceeds OSHA standards for fall protection and is ideal for use at loading docks, pits or vats.

Selecting the Right Safety Gate

Barron Equipment offers a variety of sizes of the Defender Gate. The Defender Gate 20 has a similar footprint to the 10, but has a heavy duty double panel design, which increases safety. The XL Defender Gate can go up to 16 feet wide, allowing for a wider range of safety. All three gates offer great features and benefits and selecting the right safety gate would really depend on the application, the size of the opening, type of traffic passing through and the level of security required.


The defender gate needs to be properly installed around loading docks to meet proper safety standards. Barron Equipment and Overhead Doors has a team of expert installers that have been installing material handling equipment in Iowa and surrounding states for over 40 years. Our service team would be happy to install your defender gates. Fill out the form below and a product specialist will be in touch soon!

Maintenance & Repair

In addition to installation, our team is skilled in maintenance and repair. If you're having issues with any of your truck and loading dock equipment, or any other material handling equipment or doors, our team would gladly assist! Fill out the form and we'll be in contact as soon as possible.

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