PPA4 - 24
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PalletPal 360 – Powered-Pneumatic Level Positioner – 4,000 lbs Weight Capacity

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Lead Time: 4 weeks

The Powered PalletPal, with foot-operated controls, adjusts to multiple positions (up to 4000 lbs) for ergonomic loading and unloading. The manual turntable facilitates easy load rotation, keeping the operator nearby to eliminate reaching and stretching.


Lift MechanismPneumatic
Load Capacity4000 Lbs
Overall Width43 5/8 Inches
Overall Length43 5/8 Inches
Raised Height33 7/16 Inches
Lowered Height9 1/2 Inches
Turntable Diameter43-5/8 Inches
Power80 PSI/15 CFM
Ship Weight660 lbs
ResourcesPalletPal Brochure

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