Pan Style Container Tilters

Pan-Style Container Tilters


It is a multipurpose container tilter. It can be lowered to the point containers are loaded from the floor level and lifted to an ergonomic height.


The Pan-style Container Tilter is the ultimate multipurpose tilter. It flushes to the floor, allowing containers of all types to be loaded and lifted to an ergonomic height. Containers can be placed directly by a hand pallet truck or hand cart.

easily access contents even those at the bottom of the tilter
ZTU-2 Pan Side Entry Configuration

Key Features

  • The 50" x 50" usable pan size works with a wide variety of container styles and sizes.
  • Loads can be positioned at angle from 0˚ up 85˚


Container Tilter fed with a hand pallet truck
container tilter tilts baskets up to 85 degrees


  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Institutional
  • Warehouse
Model NumberCapacityTilt AngleLow HeightDimension (WxL)Usable Pan SizePowerShipping Weight
ZTU-2 Pan2000lbs85"3/8"62.5" x 65.25"50"x50"115/601150lbs
ZTU-4 Pan4000lbs85"3/8"62.5" x 65.25""50"x50"115/601170lbs
ZTU-2 Pan Side Entry2000lbs85"3/8"62.5" x 65.25"45"x50"115/601150

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