Par K Title inside of house

Parquet pattern outdoor entrance mat provides excellent multi-directional cleaning performance. 

  • Molded rib design acts as a scraper to remove heavy dirt and debris
  • The heavy nature of the mat helps it to stay in place
  • Just shake or hose to clean
  • Great for use in medium to high traffic outdoor areas

Material: High quality 96% recycled rubber compound
Thickness: 3/8"
Color: Black

Par K Table398S23BKPAR-K 2' X 3' (23"X36") BLACK23.00000.375036.000018.0000
Par K Table398S35BKPAR-K 3' X 5' (36"X 57")36.00000.375057.000022.0000
Par K Table398S46BKPAR-K 4' X 6' (45" X 67")45.00000.375067.000036.0000

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