Personnel Strip Door

Interior Applications Only

Personnel Strip Doors separate temperatures between rooms to ensure the comfort of employees and customers alike. They provide a cost-effective solution to streamline workflow in restaurants and other areas with high personnel traffic. A strip door for personnel can pay for itself in as little as 3 months due to increased savings on energy bills. For Doorway Openings 34" to 40" wide, up to 96" high.

Features                                                                                              Benefits

• Strips are available in standard clear                                              • Installs in Only 10 Minutes

PVC strips, 8’’ wide and .040’’ thick                                                  • Blocks Dirt, Dust and Grease

• 6 pack replacement strips available                                                • Maintains Visibility and Light

• Mounting Hardware is 100% NSF                                                   • Reduces Sound Transmission

Certified non-corrosive, high-impact