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Porta-King Indoor Equipment Enclosures

Quality Materials for Your Soundproofing Needs

For soundproofing options, choose steel finished surfaces or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminated to drywall, which creates a rugged and highly impact-resistant surface that guards against damage. Each application also gives you the choice to customize the design. This includes customer doors, windows and more.

A Reliable Security Method for Your Equipment

Securing equipment indoors is as important as securing it outside. Unsecured equipment can be vulnerable to damage and vandalism. Equipment enclosures include clear anodized or painted aluminum frame construction for a virtually maintenance free building that helps protect equipment.

A Multitude of Indoor Uses

While our modular enclosures can be used to protect just about any type of equipment, there are several applications that are especially popular:

  • Sound Enclosures to create sound barriers to protect employees from loud machines and quiet the surrounding area. Porta-King offers three standard sound control options, with the best having an STC rating of 47 with an average dB reduction level of 48.
  • Machine Enclosures protect sensitive indoor equipment from dirty plant environments or personnel from dangerous moving machine parts.
  • Compressor Enclosures reduce the noise of compressors to protect personnel who work in the area.

Quick, Affordable Construction

No matter the application, modular construction is fast, convenient, and affordable. All equipment enclosures are built with reusable and durable materials to guarantee years of use. Our experienced team of engineers and customer service representatives will help you design your indoor equipment enclosure to meet the specifications of your building and needs.

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