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Porta-King Modular Cleanrooms

ISO Certifications

Prefabricated cleanrooms are typically certified with ISO standards that establish the level of cleanliness that must be maintained inside. These ISO standards require a comprehensive design by an industry expert that takes into account:

  • The existing environment.
  • Application requirements.
  • Mechanical system design.
  • Materials used to create the prefabricated cleanroom.

Create a Clean Environment for Sensitive Materials

Porta-King’s modular prefabricated cleanrooms perform just as good as conventionally built cleanrooms with several advantages:

  • Precut components for much cleaner initial set up. No need to put up barriers to contain dust and debris common with conventional construction.
  • Faster initial set up to start cleanroom operation.
  • Flexibility to change as space or application requirements change.

We offer a wide range of construction options to facilitate the design of your cleanroom:

  • Different framing and connection methods for panel assembly. This includes aluminum framed systems or tongue and groove side panel connection methods
  • A wide array of wall surface finishes like Painted Steel, HPL, PVC and other durable, non-shedding surfaces.
  • Custom wall compositions to address thermal ratings and sound attenuation requirements.

Panel thickness ranging from 1 ¾” to 8” to address a range of cleanroom applications.  Wall thickness is a factor for a range of design criteria including roof loads, wall height, insulation and sound control.

Based upon these and other design considerations, Porta-King’s experienced team of outside sales support, engineers and customer service are ready to assist you with your next cleanroom project.  Our services include:

  • System design for space planning
  • Mechanical system integration
  • Site condition analysis
  • Installation

Modular Construction for Clean & Budget Friendly Installation

Hospitals need to remain clean for health and safety reasons, and manufacturing operations require clean environments to ensure quality and optimize production output. Laboratories rely on clean space to improve output for their experiments and research. Using modular construction helps to achieve all of these goals by providing easy to construct affordable prefabricated cleanrooms.

In addition, all our modular buildings can be easily redesigned or moved and reinstalled whenever needs change.  Porta-King makes this even more affordable by offering redesign services free for the life of your structure.

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