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Porta-King Modular Indoor Restrooms

Aesthetically & Functionally Adaptable to Fit Your Needs

Modular construction ensures that your modular indoor restroom will be virtually maintenance-free and comes with a variety of construction options to fit your needs:

  • AC/HVAC options to keep staff comfortable in hot or cold manufacturing or warehouse environments.
  • Wall Construction options let you choose the best finishes and composition for your application and budget.
  • Chase Walls with access panels to facilitate easy on-site plumbing connections or future maintenance.
  • Plumbing fixture options enable you to create a custom restroom layout that meets your application requirements.

With a variety of colors and materials, your indoor restroom or modular locker room can be designed to match the aesthetics of your building. Our experienced team of engineers will help you decide which options are best for your unique needs.

An Affordable, Green Construction Solution

If you’re looking for an affordable, green solution to your restroom needs, indoor restrooms fit the bill. Modular indoor restrooms can be shipped fully constructed with plumbing ready to be connected to your building’s water and soil lines. Unlike traditionally constructed restrooms, modular restrooms & modular locker rooms are:

  • Greener: There’s little to no construction waste and debris, leaving the construction site clean and ready to use.
  • Budget friendly: Our professional team will help you design a modular indoor restroom or modular locker room that will fit your budget.
  • Faster Occupancy: are designed and fabricated at our plant, reducing construction time by half, allowing your daily operations to continue unhindered.

All units are built on top of a welded structural steel base so they can also be easily picked up and moved and reinstalled at any time.

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