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Porta-King Modular Offices

Modular offices can provide increased productivity and employee satisfaction. It offers a comfortable work environment separated from the surrounding facility.

Modular Inplant Offices Provide Safety & Comfort in a Contained Workspace

Inplant offices are modular, meaning they can be customized according to your operation’s needs. Some essential options include:

  • Noise reduction ratings: Our modular inplant offices offer sound transmission class (STC) ratings up to 47 and average dB reduction levels up to 48. These ratings ensure your employees are protected from loud machinery or factory surroundings so they can focus and complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Privacy and security: Modular rooms can be equipped with security features to limit access or visibility. These customizations keep sensitive operations or information safe from unauthorized personnel.
  • Temperature control: Particularly useful in unheated environments, in-plant offices can be equipped with full HVAC units to keep your employees comfortable throughout the workday.
  • Unlimited Size: Our structures can accommodate one or dozens of employees, especially when outfitted with modular wall partitions.
  • Multiple stories: Modular inplant offices can be easily designed to create two story structures, increasing overall workspace without expanding your final structure’s footprint. We have also supplied three story structures with the integration of one of our structural steel mezzanines.

Regardless of your chosen modular construction options, Porta-King’s experienced team of engineers and customer service representatives will meet with your team to determine your modular office’s custom design, construction, and installation timeline.

Easily Redesign Your Inplant Office as Needed with Modular Materials

Most of our customers will redesign one of our modular offices at least once during the life of the structure. As your facility’s needs change, it helps to have a modular office that is fully adaptable to accommodate those needs.

All of the materials purchased to construct your modular office system are reusable. If your space needs change, we’ll re-design your office for free, even if no additional materials are required.

Save Time & Money with Modular Construction

When choosing between modular offices and traditionally constructed offices, consider that all modular construction is objectively faster and more affordable. On average you can cut construction time by half when using a modular office design compared to conventionally constructed offices. All components used to construct modular inplant offices have already been designed and fabricated at our plant, causing:

  • Less disruption to your daily business operations
  • Less construction waste and debris

These portable rooms are so simple to assemble, your own maintenance staff may be able to install them.

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