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Porta-King Modular YAG Laser Enclosures

Providing Safety & Convenience

Modular laser enclosures provide many benefits for your factory in order to keep employees, machines, and the surrounding area safe, including:

  • Tested in accordance with IEC 60825-4:2009-06.
  • Creating a light-tight operating environment required for laser operations.
  • Provides a sealed environment to facilitate faster evacuation of smoke from laser operations through air handling equipment.
  • Many custom design options to support ancillary safety equipment such as custom doors, safety locking devices, laser glass and more.
  • Load bearing floors for increased portability.
  • A panelized design for easy set up around new or existing lasers.

Get Fast, Dependable, & Budget-Friendly Results

Like all of our modular buildings, laser enclosures provide a budget friendly solution for your factory. Construction can be completed in as little as a day so you can get back to work.

In addition, modular laser enclosures have flexible designs. Porta-King will work with you to help you create a laser enclosure that fits your needs and budget. Free on-site support is always available.

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