Counterweight Stacker CW Series 5

Presto CW Series Counterweight Stackers

Powered lift, manual drive stackers.

Counterweight design eliminates front straddle legs making this stacker ideal for feeding machinery, lifting to docks or mezzanines or anywhere that extended base legs could cause interference. Works with open and closed bottom pallets.

All of our CW Series Stackers are part of our Always-In-Stock Program and are available for shipping within one week.


  • Lifting speed - 5" per second
  • Forks adjust from 6-1/2" to 20" O.D.
  • 15-1/2" high fork backs
  • Heavy-duty C100 foot-operated floor lock
  • 12V 75 amp hour WLA Battery
  • 1" thick x 3" wide adjustable solid steel forks
  • Hinged door with capacity display
  • LED dash mount – diagnostic display • 3 position “Comfort Cushion” push handle
  • Quick-connect battery cables

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