P4 Floor Height Load Leveler

Presto P4 Floor Height Load Leveler

Ideal for manual pallet loading and unloading applications. Footswitch controls allow the operator to precisely position the load at the most convenient and comfortable for pallet loading or unloading. As a layer of boxes is removed from a pallet the operator can the adjust the platform height so the next layer moves into position for easy access. In pallet loading applications begin with an empty pallet on the platform raised to the full up position. As a each layer is added lower the platform and load the next layer.

Because the P4 lowers to the floor it can be fed with a hand pallet truck making it perfect for facilities where fork lifts or stacker are unavailable.

  • Available in 2,500 or 4,000 lb. capacities
  • Platform Sizes: 44" x 48" or 52" x 48"
  • Internally mounted power unit - 1 HP - 115/1/60
  • Photoelectric toe guard
  • Choose footswitch or hand pendant control
  • Other voltages and platform sizes available
  • Can be moved easily with pallet jack

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