NLF Screen

Protective Welding Screens and Curtains


Protective Curtains

These stock and custom fabricated curtains are hemmed on all four sides, with grommeting every 12" across top hem and in each corner of bottom hem. As multi-purpose curtains they can be used to enclose welding areas to confine sparks, noise, and ultra violet radiation to help isolate and protect people and equipment.

Portable Protective Screens

Single and multiple pane portable screens are designed to provide protection in a wide variety of applications including welding grinding, cutting, spraying, and isolating workers and equipment. Fabric Options - Standard fabric options include flame resistant Cotton Duck, Coated Vinyl Fabrics, and Transparent Tinted Vinyl. Additional fabric choices are available on a custom order basis. Frame - Top quality metal frame is designed for tough industrial demands.

•Single or Multiple Panel Models
•No gaps between cover and frame
•Available with casters for portability
•Screens are shipped disassembled as complete package

Protective Covers

These Protective Covers / Blankets help protect equipment and personnel from potentially hazardous operations, such as welding and grinding. All Covers / Blankets are hemmed on all four sides with grommets 36" O.C. Extra grommeting available at no additional charge.

Instant Curtains

Transparent curtains on a roll, with grommets every 12" O.C. across top. Available in transparent yellow, gray, orange, blue, green, shade 8 and clear. Curtains can be cut directly off of roll.

Product Specifications

F-100 F-110 F-140 F-210
Size H x W (Ft.) Pro-Tec View Yellow Pro-Tec View Orange Pro-Tec View Blue Vinyl Yellow, Green or Blue
6X4 C64-100 C64-110 C64-140 C64-210
6X6 C66-100 C66-110 C66-140 C66-210
6X8 C68-100 C68-110 C68-140 C68-210

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