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Plastic Rack Safety Netting


Rack Nets for Safety

Prevent injuries, protect inventory and reduce costly workplace clean-ups with Rack Safety Net Systems from U.S. Netting, available as kits for your entire facility. Pallet rack safety nets come as bulk rolls of heavy duty plastic, or nylon knotted netting cut to size. Safety nets fasten to your existing racks with zip ties or our eyebolt attachment kits. Installation on your pallet rack is an easy one-man job. Everything you need for installation comes in our comprehensive rack safety netting kit.

Rack Safety Netting Roll

Plastic Rack Net Rolls

This rack net solution has a tensile strength of 925 pounds. Made from polypropylene with a mesh size of 1" x 1-1/2". Comes in roll size 8' by 100'

Fasten to racks with zip ties

Item #Size
RSNP81008' x 100'

Fastening Zipties

  • UV Stabilized nylon 6/6
  • Weather resistant grade for UV light
  • Continuous or extended exposure for outdoor use
  • 100/pack
Item #Size (in.)Test Capacity
TIE088"50 lbs.
TIE1111"50 lbs.
TIE1414"120 lbs.
TIE1818"120 lbs.
TIE2424"175 lbs.
TIE1925019"250 lbs.
Rack Netting Zipties

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