Rack Trak1

Rack-Trak Carton Flow


Rack Trak1

Why be Static When You Can be DYNAMIC?

Rack-Trak is a drop-in carton flow solution uniquely designed to convert standard pallet rack systems into dynamic pick modules for cartons, cases and each-picking applications. The wheeled tracks of Rack-Trak carton flow are manufactured to drop onto step-beams for quick, easy conversions. Self-tracking lane assemblies are available in custom spacing configurations to meet all application requirements.

Mallard wheeled track systems: Rack-Trak, Dyna-Flo & Dyna-Flo HD

Wheeled track systems provide a full-bed of durable, staggered, polypropylene wheels that deliver consistent wheel coverage no matter the size or shape of the inventory. Wheeled track carton flow is perfect for product mixes with multiple and/or varying SKUs.

Multiple Rack-Trak carton flow levels can fit within a single bay depending on the height of the product, carton or tote being stored. Levels can also vary from bay to bay, underscoring the efficiency inherent in this type of dynamic storage option.

  • Quickly convert pallet rack to carton flow
  • Customizable for rail spacing, density and load capacity
  • Adjustable end-stops, ideal for step beams
  • Self-tracking for all load weights
  • Custom guiderails available


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