4RYREF 915

Reflective Tape


4RYREF 915
4RYREF 915

Product Description

Mighty Line Reflective Floor Tape is a brand new floor tape! It is reflective for trucks backing up to the dock to load and unload at night. It has a reflective center line that reflects when with the truck tail lights. Mighty Line floor tape is a very durable floor tape that can handle heavy duty traffic. Try the new reflective center line floor tape today!

Mighty Line Reflective Dock Door Tape


Patented Mighty Line Floor Tape & Safety Floor Tape 4 inch by 75 foot yellow with reflective center line industrial floor marking tape. Mighty Line floor tapes come with a 3 year limited warranty. Mighty Line peel and stick floor tapes have beveled edges which improves durability in harsh industrial environments. Mighty Line floor tapes are a great safety solution when areas of the warehouse get too dark and need help to emergency. Also Mighty Line Reflect is great for dock doors for semi trucks to back into at night. This floor tape is available in 4 inch width.

Part Number: 4RYREF

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