FlexPost Bollard

FlexPost Bollards


Product Information

  • 6” diameter bollard cover
  • 1/8” wall thickness
  • Standard Height options: 52” and 72”
  • ½” Diameter Carbon steel torsion spring
  • 9” square 7 gauge mounting plate
  • Mounting hardware for concrete and asphalt

The Ideal Advantage

  • Maintenance free product; never paint again
  • 360° of flexibility eliminates costly damage to cars and parking lots
  • 1/8” bollard cover wall thickness
  • Easy installation, no special tools required
  • Withstands high wind speeds of over 75 mph
  • Available in standard colors

Ideal Shield’s Flexpost Bollard options provide a protective barrier to control vehicle and pedestrian traffic flow while enhancing visibility with a customized, colorful bollard cover.
With the same unyielding appearance of a standard bollard, flexible bollards allow for 360° movement, limiting damage to vehicles, while also giving the driver a warning sign when exceeding a parking space or veering out of their lane. But our flexible bollard posts do more than just warn drivers and protect property.

The Standard Flexpost Bollard comes custom fit with our 6” bollard cover, which is available in any color and can be customized with corporate graphics to meet any branding needs. Not to mention, once the bollard is in place, the savings will start to roll in as the product is both maintenance-free and paint-free.

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