Knotless Safety Barrier Net

Safety Barrier Nets


USA Made. Custom for your job.

Safety Barrier Nets are made with various types of mesh netting, each with their own cord diameters, mesh sizes, and strengths. We've seperated these net types below by knotless and knotted construction. Borders are made using durable 2 inch webbing and nickel coated brass grommets are on each corner and spaced approximately every 12 inches, depending on size.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to custom cutting and sewing, all sales are final.
Knotless Safety Barrier Net
Knotless Safety Barriers
PicturePart NumberMesh SizeTensile StrengthColors
SBN 190 Knotless Barrier NetSBN-1901"190 lbs.Black
SBN 330 Knotless Barrier NetSBN-3302"300 lbs.Black
Knotted Safety Barriers
PicturePart NumberMesh SizeTensile StrengthColors
SBN 12 175 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-12-1751.75"100 lbs.Black
SBN 21 075 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-21-0750.75"210 lbs.Black
SBN 21 175 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-21-1751.75"210 lbs.Black
SBN 30 400 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-30-4004"310 lbs.Black
SBN 84 200 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-84-2002"770 lbs.Black
SBN 120 350 Knotted Safety BarrierSBN-120-3503.5"1145 lbs.Black

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