Save-T Accordian Strip Doors

The Save-T Accordion Strip Door is a unique design offered by TMI. It is used when obstructions on both sides of an opening, such as shelving or a wall, make the use of a sliding strip door impractical. A light tug on the nylon pull-rope opens the accordion track, moving the strip door to one side or optionally bi-parting to both sides. This allows access for forklifts or hand trucks, allowing large equipment or fragile products to pass. An accordion strip door is a great way to cut your heating or cooling costs by keeping environments separate.



  • Steel Wheel trolleys
  • Galvanized steel hardware
  • Wall, Header or Bracket Mount
  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Maintain



  • Cost Effective
  • Convenient
  • Maintains Temperatures
  • Keeps Bugs Out
  • Reduces Wear and Tear

Choice of opening style

Wall Mount

Open from one side

Header Mount

Or open from middle

Bracket Mount