Save-T Motorized Accordian Strip Doors

The Motorized Accordion Strip Door is an exclusive door system designed for medium to high traffic areas that require constant environment and energy control. The Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Door system takes traditional strip doors to the next level, offering temperature protection and separation while eliminating contact with strips as traffic passes through.

Motorized Door System

Immediate energy savings and environment control. Strip doors allow businesses to cut heating and cooling expenses while increasing employee comfort.


Warehouses, walk-in coolers, freezers, manufacturing plants, loading docks, food processing facilities, car washesand more.

Two Opening Styles

Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Doors can slide completely to one side or bi-part in the center. When folded, Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Doors take up only 15% of the opening width.

Adjustable Speeds

Motorized Accordion Strip Doors offer fully adjustable opening and closing speeds. Save-T Motorized Accordion Strip Doors can open as quickly as 36” per second.



Motorized Accordion Strip Doors install just like TMI’s originalAccordion Strip Door. Mount the door in jamb, on the wall, or in front of an existing overhead door. Ensure there is free space on the wall to mount the motor.

Best PVC Strip Material

Motorized Accordion Strip Doors use TMI’s high quality, flexible PVC strips that are the clearest, safest and longest-lasting in the industry.

Maximum Door Sizes

One-Sided: 14’ Wide x 14’ High

Bi-Parting: 28’ Wide x 14’ High*

*Bi-Parting requires two motors

Standard Features

Every Motorized Accordion Strip Door comes with flexible PVC strips, motor(s), accordion strip door hardware, sliding track, and an On/Off/Hold rocker switch. The motor includes a time delay that closes the door after a period of time.


Activation Options

TMI offers remote mounted door switches, remote control activation, and motion sensors that detect oncoming traffic.

Power Requirements

TMI‘s quiet, efficient motor runs on 110 volt service, and requires less than 5 amps.

Strip Door Options

Motorized Accordion Strip Doors can be made with any of TMI’s flexible strip offerings:

• Standard Clear

• Offset Double Ribbed Clear

• USDA Low Temperature

• Extra Low Temperature

• Anti-Static

• Safety Orange

• Welding Tints

Insulated Door Panels

TMI also offers Insulated Door Strips with an R-Value of 6.