shelving unit with 18 drawers

Shelving Unit with 18 Drawers


This combination shelving unit and drawer cabinet. It has 2 adjustable 14 gauge shelves, adjustable on 2 inch increments. Heavy duty 12 gauge body.

Features 18 lower drawer. There are 12 drawers that are 6 inches high, there are 6 drawers that are 8 inches high The drawers have a capacity of 400 lbs each.

The 2 inch legs are designed so you can move it with a forklift and not have the added height of 6 inch legs. As always, 6 inch legs can be added to this if necessary. No doors are on this model to keep it open.

Heavy shelving unit with 18 lower drawers. 12 gauge steel with 14 gauge adjustable shelves. 6 inch legs.

  • Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Industrial Shelving Unit
  • 2 Inch Legs
  • Drawer Capacity up to 400 lbs. for each Drawer

shelving unit with 18 drawers

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