5000 Speed Lift attached to truck

Silver Line Speed-Lifts (5,000-8,000 lb capacity)

Silver Line Speed-Lifts

Our Silver Line features the SL-5000SL-6000, and SL-8000 Speed-Lifts. These models are suitable for loading/unloading trucks with hand carts, manual pallet jacks, and powered pallet jacks.

All lifts are custom‐built according to each location's specific needs and layout. They’re highly customizable and can be modified to go from truck to ground, truck to dock, dock to ground, truck to raised platform, etc.

The SL-5000 has a capacity of 5,000 lbs, the SL-6000 has a capacity of 6,000 lbs and SL-8000 has a capacity of 8,000 lbs.

Platform sizes are as follows:


SL-5000 Platform Sizes:

MODEL : W” x L”
SL-5000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-5000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-5000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-6000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-6000-A: 60” x 84”
SL-6000-B: 60” x 96”
SL-6000-C: 60” x 120”

SL-8000 Platform Sizes:
MODEL : W” x L”
SL-8000-A: 68” x 84”
SL-8000-B: 68” x 96”
SL-8000-C: 68” x 120”

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