Singer Welding Curtain

Singer Industrial Welding Curtains


Singer Safety Company’s Industrial Welding Curtains are engineered to provide safety, privacy, and protection for welding, cutting, and grinding operations. Our Welding Vision clear vinyl offers flash-blocking optical protection.

Common Welding Curtain Applications:

Welding Booths
Grinding Work Stations
Cutting and Brazing Areas
Singer Safety’s welding curtains provide flexible work stations for processes that require protection from heat or airborne metal waste, such as welding booths, grinding work stations, and cutting and brazing work areas.

Benefits of our industrial welding curtains include:

  • Protection and safety.  Our curtains offer containment of and protection from airborne dangers, such as sparks, metal waste, and splashing liquids.
  • Optical protection. Our Welding Vision clear vinyl curtains provide optical protection from welding flashes while offering line of sight into and out of the workstation. Opaque panels are available.
  • Optimal workspace utilization. GlideWall easy-glide track systems allow fast, custom configurations for your workstations where they are needed for efficient processes.  Your workstations can be fully enclosed, and the curtains can be moved to a new location when needed or rolled out of the way if a larger workspace is required.

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