Thick Single Faced Panel

Single Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panels


Singer Safety’s Single-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panels couple efficient sound absorption and noise barrier performance to supplement acoustic screens and baffles. Our Quilted Fiberglass Material (QFM) is lightweight and semi-flexible and is best used as a suspended barrier. Single-faced panels have QFM on one side and are used against flat surfaces such as walls or machinery sides.

Features of the Singer Safety Single-Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panels include:

  • 1” thickness
  • Standard 48” width, with custom panel widths under 48” available
  • Double nickel-plated brass grommets for easy fastening
  • Velcro® closures are available


  • 4'W - 1" Thick Single Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel w/ Grommets.
  • These panels cannot be hung in the middle of a room.
  • This material is SINGLE FACED, and can only be used flat against a surface; walls, machinery, etc.
  • This Pa

Product Description

Panels have bound hems, nickel plated brass grommets 12' o.c. along top and double grommets 18" o.c. along side edges for fastening to adjacent panels. Velcro is optional.

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