Sliding Strip Doors

Sliding Strip Doors

Our Sliding Strip Doors allow the PVC strips to slide out of the way during heavy traffic or to protect passing inventory in your business or warehouse.

Sliding Strip Door

Sliding Strip Doors take advantage of available wall space on one or both sides of a doorway to allow the strip door to be slid out of the way during heavy traffic or to protect passing inventory.

Features & Benefits

      Features                                                                                          Benefits                      

  • Strong & durable                                                                              • Saves Energy
  • Choice of 3 mounting methods:                                                    • Maintains Temperature
    • Wall mount opening to one side (OSWM)                       • Isolated Contaminants
    • Bi-parting wall mount (BPWM)                                         • Slides Open for Heavy Traffic
    • Double track-header mount (BPHM)


Sliding Strip doors are ideal for warehousing, grocery, retail and manufacturing environments.

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