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Smoking Shelters


Free Up Walkways & Entrances

Having people congregated around building entrances and pathways is unsightly as well as disrupting to traffic. Installing a smoking shelter will give them a place where they can relax and smoke without breaking any anti-smoking laws or congesting pathways.

We understand that business owners certainly do not want to alienate their customers who smoke. These shelters offer a way to comply with state laws as well as accommodate your patrons or clients who are inclined to smoke.They offer smokers protection from inclement weather such as rain or snow. In addition, these prefabricated buildings are a cost-effective alternative to on-site construction.

Keep Your Employees Comfortable

Other prefabricated shelter construction options include:

  • Integrated aluminum benches to keep occupants comfortable year-round.
  • Exhaust fans so occupants don’t get overwhelmed by smoke.
  • Customized electrical systems to light the shelter or provide outlets so occupants can charge their mobile devices.
  • Cigarette urns and trash cans for easy disposal of cigarette butts and trash.

Improve the Appearance of Your Grounds

Outdoor smoking shelters come in a variety of sizes and configurations so you can easily match it to the aesthetics of your facility.

  • Clear tempered safety glass with full perimeter viewing can be tinted for glare and heat reduction.
  • Anodized aluminum window framing eliminates the need for routine maintenance and maintains the smoking shelter’s
  • Rigid structures withstand the harshest winds and weather conditions, ensuring years of continual use.
  • Standing seam and other roof design options for a more dramatic look.

Fast, Budget-Friendly Installation

Like all prefabricated shelters, smoking shelters arrive ready to use, which allows the structure to be occupied quickly with virtually no downtime for construction to get in the way of your facilities’ everyday activities. This method of installation is also budget friendly, as there is no need to build conventionally by hiring multiple contractors.

Other Benefits of Our Prefabricated Smoking Shelters

We have a wide array of paint colors to match your existing building and won’t detract from the aesthetics. These welded steel buildings combine durability and protection, in a variety of designs and configurations.

These shelters will ship to your site fully assembled and require no additional setup, eliminating the hassle of new construction. At Porta-King, we feel there is no reason these structures can’t be comfortable as well as functional. Most of our shelters are built with open doorways to allow for continuous air movement. Optional features include tinted glass, heating & cooling, lighting and exhaust fans. And these are only a few of the many upgrades we have available to make your smoking shelter as inviting and comfortable as possible.

Invest in a convenient, durable and relaxing smoking shelter that will comply with the laws and accommodate the smokers at your place of business. Porta-King offers free on-site design assistance and turnkey installation services.

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