Sof Spun 3/8″

Sof Spun Black Matting
3/8" Sof Spun Matting Options

The sponge vinyl corrugated surface reduces fatigue and is perfect for dry areas.

  • Our most economical mat available
  • Sponge vinyl cushioned mat helps ease foot, leg and back fatigue at standing workstatoion
  • Ideal for use in factories and warehouses at workstations and assembly lines
  • Corrugated sponge vinyl surface traps dirt
  • Resists oil and grease
  • Will not absorb water
  • Mats lay flat and stay in place increasing in-plant safety
  • Maintain the mat by hosing, wiping or vacuuming

Material:  Sponge vinyl core, corrugated surface
Thickness: 3/8"
Surface: Wide ribbed corrugation