Southworth TurnTable Lift

Southworth Conventional Turntables


Any Southworth Lift Table can be fitted with a turntable top to improve worker productivity and make accessing loads easier. Workers can manually spin the load so they are always working on the near side without having to walk around.

Turntables include a rotating 1/2" thick platform with radiused corners, base plate, center shaft with bearing and inverted ball roller bearing assemblies. Capacities of up to 6000 pounds can be handled.

In addition to being mounted on lift tables, Southworth turntables can also be mounted to the floor or on fixed height platform.

  • 1/2" Thick Steel Plate Platforms on Anti-Friction Bearings
  • Standard Platforms up to 48" x 56"
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes Available
  • Mount Directly on Floor, On a Fixed Height Platform or a Lift Table

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