B800/BT800 Straddle Stacker in Upright Position

Presto B800/BT800 Straddle Stackers

Presto B800 and BT800 Series are manual drive / powered lift stackers that are perfect for medium-duty pallet handling applications. They are available in 1,500 and 2,000 pound capacities at a 20" load center and with fixed or telescoping masts to provide lifting heights from 62" up 127"

They feature fixed straddle bases for use with any type of pallet or skid - even closed bottom. B800 Series unit have  26" Straddle I.D. and BT800 Series units have a 32" Straddle I.D.

  • Fixed and telescopic masts
  • Adjustable solid steel forks - 3" wide x 30" long
  • Forks adjust from 6-1/2" to 26-1/2" O.D. on B800 series
  • Lifting speed - 5" per second
  • Flow control valve for smooth lowering
  • Hand-operated floor lock
  • Turning radius with 40" load: -85" aisle for B800 series -87" aisle for BT800 series (12" operator clearance)
  • Heavy-duty 12V battery with microprocessor charger
  • Optional fifth wheel for greater mobility
  • Dual leaf-type chains with 8250 lb yield point
  • High-impact, floor-saving phenolic load wheels

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