SAM Portable Lift Table with Handle

Southworth SAM Portable Lift Table


For applications that require a SAM unit to be transported safely and easily, Southworth introduces the CLS4 -24.

The CLS4-24 is a portable lift table that solves a transport issue that Radiation Protection Officials and Maintenance Professionals alike have found challenging. Whether you need to reposition your SAM unit or simply move it for routine maintenance, the CLS4-24 provides a safe, efficient means of transportation that has proven effective in numerous nuclear facilities already. The unit comes equipped with a removable push bar and fork pockets for easy transport.

The platform height of the CLS4-24 Portable Lift table can be adjusted from 37.25" down to 13.25" in just 16 seconds to provide a low center of gravity for effortless travel whether going a few feet or to the other side of the plant.

  • Portable Lift Table for SAM units
  • 4,000 lb. capacity
  • Raised Height: 37.25"
  • Standard Platform: 32" x 36"

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