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Spanco Alu-Track® Workstation Bridge Cranes and Runways are made with our aluminum enclosed track for performance that’s lightweight, durable, maintenance-free, and non-corroding.

Alu-Track aluminum enclosed tracks reduce the overall system weight, so you can more easily move the bridge. Plus, for Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes, Alu-Track systems mean less weight on your building support structure.

Suitable for:

  • Moisture-laden environments
  • Acidic environments (but not for base/alkaline)
  • R&D labs
  • Wherever lightweight, durable enclosed track is required


  • The entire length of the top side of the track accepts hangers. The aluminum tracks are easily and precisely aligned.
  • The internally tapered track self-centers trolleys and end trucks, so rolling movement is smooth, quiet, and highly ergonomic.


  • 306 Alu-Track: six-inch overall height, with same internal dimensions as the Spanco 600 Series enclosed steel track.
  • 308 Alu-Track: eight-inch overall height, with same internal dimensions as the Spanco 700 Series enclosed steel track.
  • Reinforced 308 Alu-Track: 12-1/2-inch overall height, same internal dimensions as the Spanco 700 Series enclosed steel track, and an extruded, reinforcing strong-back for heavier loads over longer spans.


  • Mixed Capacity Systems: Leverage system capability by specifying heavier capacity runways with multiple smaller capacity bridges. For example, a 2,000-pound capacity runway can run two 1,000-pound bridges or four 500-pound bridges.
  • Bridge Buffers: The buffers roll in the runway tracks between two bridges, which prevent the bridges from overloading the runway’s capacity.
  • Intermediate Bumpers: Through-bolted end stops installed at runway support centers prevent more than one bridge crane from operating within a set of support centers.

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