Burgundy Spectra Nylon Carpet on entrance walkway

Spectra Nylon


A great outdoor entrance mat that filters dirt and moisture away from the surface. 

  • 100% solution dyed UV resistant nylon cup pile fabric
  • Premium cleated rubber backing and ramped edges will not crack or curl
  • The drainable borders keep moisture away from the mat surface
  • Great for outdoor or indoor use to stop moisture and dirt before it enters the building
  • Certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute
Spectra Nylon Table Brown642S23BNSPECTRA NYLON 2'X3' (24"X35") BROWN24.00000.375035.00006.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Charcoal642S23CHSPECTRA NYLON 2'X3' (24"X35") CHARCOAL24.00000.375035.00006.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Gray642S23GYSPECTRA NYLON 2'X3' (24"X35") GRAY24.00000.375035.00006.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Red642S23RDSPECTRA NYLON 2'X3' (24"X35") RED24.00000.375035.00006.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Brown642S35BNSPECTRA NYLON 3'X5' (35"X59") BROWN35.00000.375059.000010.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Charcoal642S35CHSPECTRA NYLON 3'X5' (35"X59") CHARCOAL35.00000.375059.000010.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Gray642S35GYSPECTRA NYLON 3'X5' (35"X59") GRAY35.00000.375059.000010.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Red642S35RDSPECTRA NYLON 3'X5' (35"X59") RED35.00000.375059.000010.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Brown642S310BNSPECTA NYLON 3'X10' (35"X118") BROWN35.00000.3750118.000018.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Charcoal642S310CHSPECTRA NYLON 3'X10' (35"X118") CHARCOAL35.00000.3750118.000018.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Gray642S310GYSPECTRA NYLON 3'X10' (35"X118") GRAY35.00000.3750118.000018.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Brown642S46BNSPECTRA NYLON 4'X6' (45"X69" BROWN45.00000.375069.000014.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Charcoal642S46CHSPECTRA NYLON 4'X6' (45"X69") CHARCOAL45.00000.375069.000014.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Gray642S46RDSPECTRA NYLON 4'X6' (45"X69") RED45.00000.375069.000014.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Brown642S48BNSPECTRA NYLON 4'X8' (45"X95") BROWN45.00000.375095.000019.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Charcoal642S48CHSPECTRA NYLON 4'X8' (45"X95") CHARCOAL45.00000.375095.000019.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Gray642S48RDSPECTRA NYLON 4'X8' (45"X95") RED45.00000.375095.000019.0000
Spectra Nylon Table Red642S48GYSPECTRA NYLON 4'X8' (45"X95") GRAY45.00000.375095.000019.0000

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