Exterior Modular building

Exterior Modular Buildings


Barron Equipment offers a variety of portable exterior buildings to meet the demands of almost any application and any condition. The uses of our structures are only limited by your imagination. From guard houses and blast-resistant buildings to custom coffee houses and produce stands, Barron Equipment has your solution.  Unlike conventional buildings, our modular offices are easy to repair and maintain. Our custom-built stackable buildings provide excellent supervisory view, which make them perfect for use as guard houses, scale houses, parking booths, and control rooms. Barron Equipment’s two story buildings utilize overhead areas and maximize the use of limited production floor space. These double story buildings are easy to install and save time as well as money. Modular offices can be built with provisions for future expansion, providing the flexibility to buy one floor first and add another floor later.

Our stackable buildings can be easily reassembled using forklifts or cranes. We can fabricate two story offices with built-in metal weather shields, which eliminate the need for costly mezzanine decking or superstructures. Structural sheathing, gypsum interiors, and thermal windows offer optimum sound control between floors. All buildings comply with the applicable rules of the Indiana Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission IC 22-15-4-2.

Features and Benefits

We offers standards features such as:

  • Thermal windows
  • Heavy insulation
  • Raised floors
  • Steel frames for superior durability

We can construct portable exterior buildings from:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum.

We’ll also design your building according to state and municipal coding requirements, and consider environmental factors such as seismic activity, wind pressure, and snow loads. Our units are comfortable, attractive and will last for years; in fact, our standard exterior siding comes with a 40-year guarantee against color fade and chipping!

  • Our in-plant offices are available in single-and two-story fabrications and are expertly installed by your dedicated Speed Space team. If you are operating in a small space but require additional offices or control areas for multiple projects or departments, a two-story in-plant office is precisely what you need to manage workflow and productivity

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