Stainless Steel Economy Lift Tables

Stainless Steel “E” Low Profile Lift Table








These stainless steel lift tables can be used for applications that require sanitary washdown for constant cleanliness. Our stainless steel lift tables are being used throughout the world in pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, bakery plants, laboratories, animal pharma, and cosmetic facilities. They are used for ergonomic positioning of ingredients for batch making or continuous production.


Our lift tables are preferred in Ready to Eat rooms, clean rooms and laboratories and they will return your investment back faster and longer. These lift tables are tig welded and fully welded and are produced with your sanitation team in mind.


Whether you need ground level, low profile, self-adjusting, double, triple, mini, heavy duty, powered drive, or need something new, we will provide a solution for your application.




  • 304 and 316 Stainless steel
  • Can be loaded with a pallet truck
  • Wash down motor and Nema 4 controls standard
  • Lowered height 4.1 inches
  • 3000 lb capacity or 1380 Kg capacity

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