Stainless Steel Forklifts

Stainless Steel Forklifts

Stainless steel forklift trucks are the ideal solution for transporting throughout your sanitary manufacturing process.

Our forklifts are fabricated from 304L or 316L stainless steel and are designed for use in cleanroom applications, food processing, dairy, bakery operations and any facility where cleanliness is important to the profitability and safety of the facility.








The travel, lift, and lower functions are all located in an ergonomic operator handle. All operator controls are accessible without having to lift the hand from the handle.  All major components are accessible with the removal of a few screws.

Our straddle forklifts are used in clean room and sanitary applications where space is an issue. During operation, an ergonomic tiller with control head rotates 180 degrees for easy maneuvering in the tightest of spaces. AC traction motor, giving the unit power and efficiency.

  • Ideal solution for transporting bins, pallets, process equipment IBC’s throughout your sanitary manufacturing process
  • Built with the operator and safety in mind, the variable speed control is infinite from super slow when safety is critical to full walking speed in seconds for increased productivity
  • Gel batteries with no exhaust when charging combined with our smart chargers for fast clean efficiency operation for your team


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