Standard Stainless Steel Doors

Standard Stainless Steel Door

  • For interior and exterior use that is afforable and long-lasting
  • Great for any ocrrosive area
  • Single or double doors available

Door Construction:

  • Flush door with edge seam
  • Constructed of 18 ga. 304 stainless steel with vertical grain
  • Insulated with polystyrene core or optional fire rated plywood
  • Argon gas or safety glass windows available

Frame Construction:

  • Masonry frames have reinforced recessed holes for anchoring and 2" or 4" face
  • Standard studded frame has 4 1/2" or 6 1/2" jamb depth
  • Three sided frame - threshold available
  • 16 ga. 304 stainless steel with vertical grain
  • Mitered and welded faces
  • Hinge reinforcements, 85# per hinge
  • Prepared for strike with reinforcement tab

Vacuum Stainless Steel Doors

  • The elite door to ensure Bio-security
  • Multiple seals to prevent dust or air from passing through jamb
  • Airtight latches prevent airflow through handset
  • Welded threshold and jamb
  • Finishing trim on both sides of jamb