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SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille

The SteelWeave™ Metal Mesh Grille displays an elegant pattern while offering maximum security with tightly woven stainless steel gate links.

Decorative Security Gates

Elegant design does not have to compromise security. Our SteelWeave rolling metal gate combines tightly woven stainless steel gate links into decorative patterns that enhance any buildings design all while providing enhanced security features. Manufactured with high durable 316 stainless steel links, the metal security gate offers 5 different elegant designs. The results are not just a highly appealing steel gate but one that exudes elegance. Don’t let the aesthetics fool you, the SteelWeave storefront security gate with its tightly woven metal curtain is also one of the most secure.

Our SteelWeave roll down security gates for retail stores are highly customizable too. While two curtain designs are standard, there are three other optional special order finishes available too. We can even transform your decorative security gate into a rolling piece of art by etching your logo, image or branding directly onto the security gate’s curtain.

When you want truly elegant decorative security gates for restaurants, bars, high end storefronts, malls or more, the SteelWeave metal mesh grille will give you security with visual appeal.

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