Black Stop-N-Dry Carpet on Residential Wooden Floor



An attractive entrance mat that is strong, durable and excellent for harsh climates.

  • Stop-N-Dry is strong and durable
  • Raised square design effectively scrapes debris and moisture from foot traffic
  • The heavy-duty border traps dirt and moisture to keep floors clean and safe
  • Clean by vacuuming and is machine washable

Material: Carpet - 100% solution dyed tufted level loop polypropylene with pre-coat
Border - Heavy-duty volcanized rubber with raised border bevel edge
Surface: Raised Squares
Thickness: Approximately 1/2"

Stop N Dry Table Blue630S23BLSTOP-N-DRY 2 X 3 BLUE24.00000.500036.00005.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S23CHSTOP-N-DRY 2 X 3 CHARCOAL24.00000.500036.00005.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S23BNSTOP-N-DRY 2 X 3 BROWN24.00000.500036.00005.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S23GYSTOP-N-DRY 2 X 3 GRAY24.00000.500036.00005.0000
Stop N Dry Table Blue630S34BLSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 4 BLUE36.00000.500048.000011.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S34BNSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 4 BROWN36.00000.500048.000011.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S34CHSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 4 CHARCOAL36.00000.500048.000011.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S34GYSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 4 GRAY36.00000.500048.000011.0000
Stop N Dry Table Blue630S35BLSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 5 BLUE36.00000.500060.000013.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S35BNSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 5 BROWN36.00000.500060.000013.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S35CHSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 5 CHARCOAL36.00000.500060.000013.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S35GYSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 5 GRAY36.00000.500060.000013.0000
Stop N Dry Table Blue630S46BLSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 6 BLUE48.00000.500072.000024.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S46BNSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 6 BROWN48.00000.500072.000024.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S46CHSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 6 CHARCOAL48.00000.500072.000024.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S46GYSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 6 GRAY48.00000.500072.000024.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S310BNSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 10 BROWN36.00000.5000120.000034.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S310CHSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 10 CHARCOAL36.00000.5000120.000034.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S310GYSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 10 GRAY36.00000.5000120.000034.0000
Stop N Dry Table Blue630S310BLSTOP-N-DRY 3 X 10 BLUE36.00000.5000120.000034.0000
Stop N Dry Table Blue630S410BLSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 10 BLUE48.00000.500072.000043.0000
Stop N Dry Table Brown630S410BNSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 10 BROWN48.00000.500072.000043.0000
Stop N Dry Table Gray630S410GYSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 10 GRAY48.00000.500072.000043.0000
Stop N Dry Table Charcoal630S410CHSTOP-N-DRY 4 X 10 CHARCOAL48.00000.500072.000043.0000

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