Storage Mezzanine

Storage Mezzanines


Utilize Ceiling Space to Create New Storage Areas

Storage platforms allow you to create new areas above your workspace without the need to construct whole new areas of your building. Since you will be utilizing unused ceiling space, you can continue to use the space underneath for personnel and equipment.

Fast, Safe Construction Saves You Time & Money

Prior to shipping, our storage mezzanines are designed in-house by our engineers, which enables us to ship pre-engineered structural components to you that are ready for installation, thereby reducing the cost of construction and giving you a truly prefabricated mezzanine. By quickly and safely constructed off site, we reduce disruption to the workplace and save you time and money. All of Porta-King’s storage mezzanines are constructed to fit your needs and are IBC compliant. Storage platforms are all constructed with:

  • Guard railings to prevent accidental falls, increasing worker safety.
  • Customized structural design to ensure that the structure’s load bearing capabilities will fit the desired use. Our professional design team will help you design your storage platform.
  • Seismic-Resistant Design to improve the structures stability and resistance to heavy loads and seismic conditions.

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