Industrial Cooling Fan

TAZ High Velocity Fan

If you have been seeking alternate cooling options to reduce your cooling bills, consider the TAZ fan. Just one 7-foot TAZ adjustable industrial fan can replace four large single-speed, panel-aisle fans, or up to eight 36-inch basket fans — while using only half the power. Adjustable louvers direct air where you need it most. A corrosion-resistant fiberglass housing and maintenance-free motor ensure a long life. When running on high speed, this fan covers up to 5,000 square feet and can move 80,000 CFM!

In addition to replacing existing fans, TAZ fans also offer a more energy-efficient alternative to expensive air conditioning units. Unlike air conditioning, they effectively distribute air to eliminate stagnant air pockets and stratification. The result is fresher, cooler air delivery without overtaxing your cooling budget.

  • Manufacturing Facilities. The TAZ adjustable industrial fan can be mounted on the ceiling or vertically to suit the available space. TAZ is ideal for manufacturing facilities that have power drops or obstructions in the ceiling that cannot fit a large high-volume, low-speed fan.
  • Animal Barns. Reduce humidity and odor in your barn or other agricultural facility. TAZ fans ensure fresh, healthy air while also keeping insects away and providing a cool breeze for the animals that call the barn home.
  • Warehouses. TAZ fans can effectively distribute air throughout your high-rack aisles without disturbing product. They provide cool, welcome heat relief for your forklift drivers, too!
  • Stadiums. Ventilation is a must to prevent excessive humidity and odor build-up in large gathering areas and public spaces. The TAZ adjustable aisle fan is ideal for stadiums because it is large enough to provide effective cooling for large spaces, yet small enough not to overwhelm the area

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