(N)ERM Three Phase Hoists/Trolleys

Harrington's MR three-phase motorized, PT manual push and GT manual geared trolleys easily couple with our (N)ER enhanced features electric chain hoists and provide excellent traversing motion and control. MR electric trolleys are built for the most demanding applications while our PT and GT manual trolleys are used for traversing a load when electric power is not necessary or available.

  • (N)ERM, (N)ERP and (N)ERG capacities 1/8 Ton through 5 Ton
  • (N)ERM, (N)ERP and (N)ERG capacities 8 Ton through 20 Ton - see (N)ER large capacity section for details
  • All trolley wheels fit on tapered (S) or flat flanged (W) beams
  • MR trolleys include drop stops, rubber bumpers, side guide rollers and a completely sealed body suitable for harsh indoor or outdoor environments - IP55 rated


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